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“First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do.”  -Epictetus

Chelsea’s most recent post has inspired me.  Inspired me into action.  I fill my head full of thoughts and ideas, but I never have the actual discipline, or drive to do it. 

Here’s the thing:

I work 3 jobs.  Each different; I like. . . most of them.  One of them involves me having my own company.  Cyfarwydd Consulting.  Cyfarwydd (kuh-far-with) is the Welsh word for storyteller.  When I discovered I’d have to create my own business to do my drama workshop, I agonized over what name I would call it.  This is the melding of two worlds.  Sort of.  Welsh (and Celts) are renowned for their creativity.  I may only have 1/4 Welsh blood in me and that blood flowing through my veins explains why I’m the odd one in the family.  The creative one.  It gives me a sense of purpose.

My contract for this workshop is over in February.  I’ve enjoyed doing it – even through the crazy stressful times, and I hope the final performance shows what these kids (and myself) are capable of.  I’m hoping to be signed back on to do some more, but as it’s never wise to put all my eggs in one basket, I’ve got to start preparing myself for more. 

To that end, I’m participating in a Shakespeare class.  I’ve always loved  Shakespeare, and to be better able to understand it would be phenomenal.  Not to mention the fact it will give me more knowledge to offer people.  I have something up my sleeve already when it comes to the guy, but some things need to be held close to the chest.

I’m submitting a short to Ignite! Festival.  Even if I don’t get accepted, I’ve a) got a play to use/sell & b) I’ve never actually followed through on festival applications.  This time will be different.

I would like to start using this blog as a stepping stone to other things, for example marketing my work.  I’ve got Marked on Amazon, but I’m only aware of 2 people who have purchased it.  It’s $0.99 and another short.  Spread the word and click the link on the right of the page.

I will write plays for pay.  I’ve done it before (minus the pay stuff, but churches seem to think that because you go to their building and have the talent, you should give it for free). 

I’ve got a half-written novel sitting on my hard drive.  How about  I finish that up?  Last year I said summer 2011.  Things got  busy – I quit my job, became president/artistic director of Nose Creek Players, and now I work three jobs.  But what if I didn’t have to?  What if I could support myself enough by doing what I love, I don’t have to worry about working 3 jobs to make the payments.  To do that, I’ve got to get my company up and running.

I’ve got several steps to take – none of which I’ll mention right now, but keep an eye out, tell your friends, refer me to people/people to me. 

I should probably do all this by December 23rd, eh?


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