Airdrie LIFEstyle Challenge: The Beginning

Just before the new year, I was one of the members selected to be a part of the Airdrie LIFE-sponsored Airdrie Lifestyle Challenge.  For 90 days, I’ll be working with a great partner (Michelle) to be the healthiest we can.  This includes working out at Anytime Fitness in Airdrie – on our own, and with a trainer; meal planning with Simply for Life; and I think an attitude change.

I am in an industry where talent is often overshadowed by physical appearance.  I’m tired of being looked over because I do not embody this current culture’s vision of beauty.  I also know that to be healthier, I have to do this.  Thus starts my beginning.

…And what a beginning it was!  We all met last Friday at Anytime Fitness, which just happens to be within walking distance from my apartment.  There were introductions: to each other, to the program, and to the machines.

I cannot tell you what a terrible week this is to start a new routine.  At the time of writing, I am 4 days away from Nose Creek Player’s 2nd Annual Airdrie Original One Act Play Festival.  In addition to having my own play involved (in which I am acting and co-directing), I am in another play, and organizing the thing.  I am 2 days away from the first rehearsal of The Vagina Monologues.  I am in my second week of the winter semester of P.A.C.K. (Performing Arts Camps for Kids) at Bert Church Theatre.  To put it mildly, things are busy.  Shifting priorities are hard, but they’re even harder in the midst of already-established priorities.  But it’s been done.   I have a wonderful theatre family.  They understand this journey, and are very encouraging, even allowing me to be late to rehearsal and leave early – something which grates on my nerves more than nails on a chalkboard.  It shows me I am not the only one committed to my journey.  The journey will be hard.  I’m a very reasonable person, and I know it’s going be balls to the walls, but it is easier knowing I’ve got a crowd of people in my corner.

Discounting Friday, Saturday was the first time I’ve ever set foot in a gym with the intention of working out.  I had people with me.  I had my partner Michelle, and her partner Christine, and my BFF Melinda (who had applied with me, but was just too darn skinny to be my real partner).  Together we introduced ourselves to the cardio machines.  And lo and behold, I liked it.  We made plans for Sunday.  Might as well build up the habit when it’s easy so when things get tough, the habit is formed.  Sunday brought snow.  Plans changed, I was on my own.  I’m a fairly independent person.  I live by myself, I vacation by myself, but the thought of going to the gym where people could whisper about my size, my inability, or whatever, was daunting.  I did it anyway.  I plugged in an audiobook, and forgot about everyone there.  Hurdle 1: cleared.

Today is our first meeting with our Simply for Life consultant.  I’m looking forward to it actually.  I have so many food restrictions: IBS, lactose intolerant, allergy to freaking lettuce, and spinach, and kale (and pretty much every lettucey thing out there) that it’s going to take work finding something that won’t make me run to the nearest bathroom (or ditch), but I’m so bored with my current choices, I’m excited to be able to step it up.

Wednesday is my first personal training session.  I’ll be sure to blog about that.  Actually, from what I’ve heard, my fingers may be the only functional thing after the session is done.

I hope you follow along my journey and that you are encouraged.  There will be moments of pride.  Moments of sadness.  Moments of whingeing.  Moments of TMI.  But success comes from all those moments, and it’ll be great to share it with you.


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  1. And too often health is overshadowed by weight (not all skinny people are healthy!)!! I am so excited to follow your journey and look forward to hearing all the good, bad, and ugly details. You have conquered so many other goals that with terrific support and fearlessness I’m sure you can add this to your list of accomplishments!

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