Moving and Shaking

Defeat? I do not recognize the meaning of the word. – Margaret Thatcher

While some people keep their tissues close during movies such as PS I Love You, or Moulin Rouge, or Les Miserables, with the exception of Les Mis, I’m pretty stone hearted.  The movies which get my eyes to floweth over are biopics, the stories of people who are doing good work but are cut down in their prime due to disease or assassination.  Years ago, I watched a documentary on Freddie Mercury who is one of my musical heroes, and even though I knew how it was going to end, I could help but sit there sobbing as his friends and loved ones recounted his final days. When I watched Into the Wild, the tears didn’t start until Eddie Vedder began singing over the credits.  Sure, a lot of people may think McCandless wasn’t someone to be revered, but I believe he was in search of something, and before he could tell his family, his friends, and everyone else his revelation, he was gone.

Yesterday, I finally had the chance/desire to watch Jack, CBC’s biopic of the late Jack Layton.  Now there were a lot of things he did I disagreed with, but he was undeniably a champion for things I wish to be a vocal champion for.  I think with Jack at the helm, the NDP was the perfect Opposition. (Don’t get me started on Mulcair.)  By the last ten minutes, the tears were flowing.  You could imagine the ugly cry face when the last letter he wrote to Canadians was read.  “My friends, love is better than anger.  Hope is better than fear.  Optimism is better than despair.  So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic.  And we’ll change the world.”

I think all of us at one point want to be the one to change the world.  Some of us still think that, and it drives our actions.  Some of us having taken a step back from that line of thinking, and have allowed others to take the baton.  Then there are the very few who like to step on those people and grumble that it can’t be done so why try.  I’m not going to talk about those people.  They’re always going to exist.  I’ve only recently come into what I call my soapbox era.  There are a lot of things I see which I feel needs to be changed.  I’ve become a fan of revolution (funnily enough, that’s the part of Les Mis I cried at.  Not at Fantine’s death, but at the people fighting for which they believe in). I’d love to use my talent at creating change.  I may have had my tongue firmly in cheek when I wrote in #AmWriting, “You don’t have to agree.  My play will bring both sides of the argument together.  Create discourse.  Encourage change.  That’s what plays are about”, but I truly believe that.  With some exceptions, the plays I’ve written are meant to inform about what’s going on in society, whether I have the answer or not.  Drowning Ophelia, I’ve mentioned is about domestic abuse.  It’s about how I felt when I was being emotionally manipulated, and yes, emotional abuse is every bit as hurtful as physical.  The Courtship of Sarah Chandler (spring/fall 2014) works out my thoughts about marriage.  I don’t want it, but I understand why people do.  My latest play, for which I only have one monologue, explores this new yet old view of who women are in society.

There are a lot of things wrong in our society.  You can blame politics, religion, education, whatever, but blaming doesn’t bring about solution.  Identifying the problem is only one step.  Once it’s identified, work on finding the solution.  Some problems are less scary than others to fix.  Some require courage, and strength in your conviction.  My favourite M. Night Shyamalan film to date is Lady in the Water.  It inspired me to start to write again after a very long dry spell.  In it, there is a character: Vick Ran.  He is writing “The Cookbook”, which contains views and ideas which will inspire a future president, who will more than likely change the world for the better.  He learns that due to the controversial nature, he will be assassinated.

The nature of death frightens me sometimes.  I have a hard time dealing with it.  The idea of a living, breathing person turning into an empty shell just doesn’t mesh well with my thought cycle.  I don’t want it to hurt.  I want it to happen when I’m 125 years old and am just tired of living.  Movers and shakers rarely get that option though.  Perhaps that’s just what you sign on for.  I can’t sit idly back and not comment, not try to change.  Maybe down the line that’ll mean isolation, or worse.  To believe in something that strongly is appealing.  It gives my life purpose.  Who knows, maybe years from now, it’ll give someone else’s life purpose too.


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