My Thoughts on Black Friday

I want it all…and I want it now – Queen

Today is Black Friday.  Being Canadian, there isn’t (as much) as the marketing going on here; though I’ve read a lot of Canadian stores are trying to compete with their brothers and sisters to the south to keep Canadian money in Canada.  I have to admit, they do have a point.  It’s the price we pay to live in a Capitalist society.  Of course, in little over a month, we will have close to the same frenzy with Boxing Day, and admittedly there are a few things I would like to price out at that time.

Friends have been posting very poignant thoughts on Facebook regarding this.  (Who knew you could go to Facebook for philosophy?)  The day after Americans gather around a table with family and friends to think of all the things they are thankful for, they are trampling over their fellow man to save money on something which, for all intents and purposes is not necessarily needed.  A few years ago, a Wal-mart worker was killed by a stampede of consumers trying to get the best deal.  A person died so people could get a DVD for $9.

So what can we do about it?  Sure, I can wax poetic and say it’s awful and we shouldn’t be so consumed by the material world, but guess what?  The world is consumed by the material world.  All the things media and advertisers tell us are funny, beautiful, etc. are subjective.  Do we not realize that?  Beauty is subjective, so why is it people are ridiculed if they are not slim, tanned with brilliant white teeth?  Why is it people who love these “hideous, not slimmed, not tanned people” are ridiculed?  Why are people looked down upon if they like The Simpsons but not Modern Family; or New Girl and not Two Broke Girls?

We are losing our ability to think for ourselves.  And those who do are pushed to the fringe.

Women:  Do you know why we shave our legs every couple of days (less often in winter, let’s be honest)?  Because a men’s razor brand decided they weren’t making enough and they told us we weren’t beautiful or desirable enough if we had hairy legs/arm pits.  And now that we have done it for years, how many of us are going to stop?  As angry as I am about this manipulation, I won’t stop, because 1. I happen to like the feel of bare legs; but more importantly 2. I don’t want to be viewed as being any less desirable than I currently view myself to be.

Wow, those Advertisers sure got us by the short ones, don’t they?

Go Capitalism.

Capitalism tells us we shouldn’t help our fellow man because why should they profit from our hard work?  Capitalism tells us it’s okay that guy is homeless because he deserved it.  Deserved the wrath of Capitalism.

We can stop it.  Do we want to stop it?  Who are advertisers and corporations without us?  Nobody.  We should tell them how much we want to pay for items; not the other way around.  We need to stop bending over and putting our hands on our ankles.  If you feel something is too expensive to purchase, don’t purchase it.  It doesn’t tell them a thing when you purchase it begrudgingly.  All that means is they can raise the prices just a little bit more because they’ve got us.

And finally, Americans on Black Friday and Canadians on Boxing Day, remember the day before:  Thanksgiving/Christmas.  A time of rest, relaxation, for some of us: spiritual renewal.  Don’t throw all that away on things that wear out and die.


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  1. Ah, but how can they have us by the short ones when they’ve just made us shave them all off?

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