The Absent-minded Lunch

I am not absent-minded.  It is the presence of mind that makes me unaware of everything else. – G.K. Chesterton

I am ridiculously absent-minded.  Some days I find myself arriving at work, and remembering nothing of the journey to get there.  If ever KITT become a real thing, I’d be at the front of the line to purchase one.

You pay extra for The Hoff.








I have posted before about this journey to being a better me.  Walking, eating right, etc.  I may, at some times, use my absentmindedness as an excuse to run out to grab something quick (read: not really all that healthy).  Why?  Because it frees me from the burden of responsibility.  You can’t really blame me for absentmindedness, right?  It’s not like it’s my fault.  I’m the president of a theatre group, I am planning a kid’s drama workshop, I’m emceeing a wedding.  “Hold the phone there, missy” (I says to myself – even if I’m not honest about myself out loud, I’m excruciatingly honest with myself in my head).  “You chose to do all those things.  You love to do all those things, so if they cause absentmindedness, then that’s something you just have to adapt with and move on.”  “FINE!” I yells to myself (again, in my head), “NO MORE EXCUSES.”  (Or at least, less excuses, am I right?)

Craig at FitMetabolism has challenged me, and like my favourite private dick, I love to be persnickity and stubborn.

Challenge accepted.








So, since I know I’m going to forget lunch at home, I decided I’m going to bring at least some of my kitchen to work. I went to Safeway yesterday, and picked up a simple paring knife.  Cuts through anything/everything, and if an intruder comes to the office, guess who’ll get to be the hero?

The Pointy End.








Today, since we had birthday cake, and there’s no reason why I can’t enjoy a slice, I planned ahead.  *gasp!*  Because 1 piece of this delicious red velvet, melt-in-your-mouth, wipe away drool cake will take up half of the amount of carbs I want to have in a day, and I have work, then meeting, then rehearsal, so a quick supper is hard to avoid, lunch is a salad.

Go ahead, drool a little.









I’m unable to eat lettuce.  Not by choice, but it does make salads a bit more difficult.  I can’t just buy the mixes and call it a day, no matter how much I want to.  So, I usually have my base as green peppers.  No particular reason, other than it seems to make sense to me.

Yes, the bowl is huge, but it’s not compensating for anything…really.









I even found some chicken from the sandwich I made yesterday.

Hurray for protein!







I added some tomato (had to do some minor surgery, as the tomato was a tad old), half a cucumber, carrots, and as a kind of garnish, feta cheese.  I’m also dairy free, but feta cheese is a-okay for me, and I like to put it on as much things as I can.  Yes, it’s a fat, but it also tends to make the food more filling.  I buy it in a block – without the brine.  It doesn’t last as long, but it’s cheaper, and that appeals to me.  $7 for cheese is a little hard to swallow.

Cheese of a motherless goat.








Add it all together, and voila:  A perfectly good salad, that I made from things I keep at work.  Take that, absentminded brain!

Colourful food is just great.








My favourite dressing is Greek Feta & Oregano, so I let it sit in that, and enjoyed it I did.

I guess you could say I had my cake and ate it too.




KITT courtesy of this website; Barney, this website.



  1. Awesome blog Kim! I can just hear you writing this. I had a big grin throughout reading this. Well done, love the accountability and very proud of you.


  2. Well done! We shall journey together, my Kimmers! That salad looked/sounded DEELISH…so hungee!
    “The pointy end” Heh heh heh…classic…

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