Adventures in Aquacize

“Exercise is done against one’s wishes and maintained only because the alternative is worse”
-George A. Sheehan


Last December I began seeing a Fitness Coach.  It was easier than I had dreaded.  In about 5 months I had lost approximately forty pounds.  Then I quite my job and had to say goodbye to the benefits that paid for my coaching.  For seven months, I digressed.  Busy schedule meant I ate out more than I should.  A messy kitchen meant I ate out more than I should.  Sheer laziness meant I ate out more than I should.

And then I got sick.

Three times.

In five weeks.

And it still took me two months to say, “hey, maybe my body is revolting.”  Viva la revolucion and everything and I’m shutting it up with Chicken McNuggets.

So I slunk back to my Fitness Coach who welcomed me back and encouraged me to (read: “you have to do this or else”) go to aquacize.

So I did.

Witness my trepidation.









Last night I went to Thorncliffe Aquatic & Recreational Centre and for $6.30, I aquacized for 45 minutes.  And guess what?

It was fun.

It was fun when we were jogging as fast as we can while bringing out knees up.  It was fun doing t-jacks under water.  Let me tell you – I haven’t felt fat jiggle that much since the last time Crave had a cupcake sale.

The instructor was wonderful, approachable, kind, encouraging – all the best traits an instructor can have.

What we’re doing my look silly, but 1. I’m an actor; I do silly things all the time; and 2. everyone else in the pool is doing it too.

If I were a dog, I'd be one of those water ones.










Yes Craig, I went, I enjoyed it, and I’ll go back again.

Thank you City of Calgary for making these events affordable.

Now I’m going to mow down a cupcake.

Just kidding.


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