Shameless Self Promotion

“I don’t believe in self-promotion, really I can’t be arsed.”
-Daniel Craig

And now we know why he makes a better Bond than I do.

I’ve had quite the media junket in the past week.  And when I say “quite”, I mean two.  But up from nothing that’s a lot.

Article the 1st.  This is about the workshops I’ll be doing with Bert Church Theatre in Airdrie.  I have begun my own consulting company: Cyfarwydd Consulting (Kuh-far-with).  Cyfarwydd is Welsh for “Storyteller.”  I’ve been attracted to that word for a long time, and have a goal for myself to eventually get a tattoo to label myself permanently.  Don’t worry Mom, I won’t do it for awhile, and really, it’ll be smaller than the feather quill, so it’s a non-issue, right?

Article the 2nd.  This is about the theatre group I’m now President of.  Now, it’s important to note, I’m just the President; this group is amazing in and of itself, I just happen to be the current figurehead.  I hope I can, with the team, make something amazing happen with this group.

Article the 3rd (with sound).  This is a follow-up with an Airdrie based radio station.  Bless her heart, she edited out the many “um’s” I found escaping from my mouth during the interview.  I’d like to think I limited the “like’s”.  I was really nervous to do this one, because I was afraid of how I would sound.  Turns out, with a few editing miracles, I sound smart.

And finally:

This is my short story.  This is how I can say I’m a published author.  Right now, it’s only available to Kindle users.  So click here to be taken to the link.  For $0.99, you can’t go wrong.  My thanks to Kris, who illustrated it.  If she’s willing, I’d like her to do all my artwork for upcoming novels.



  1. I’m so excited for you! I wish I could read your short story but I don’t have a kindle – let me know if it ends up for sale for non-kindle users! Laura Harris and I were talking about your new role in the Airdrie Theater (I like the new title by the way) and were thinking it would be fun to audition for a show in the future – if anything comes up let us know! Are you doing NaNoWriMo this year?

    • Amanda, I’ve looked up information about publishing elsewhere, but a lot of companies have a tonne of red tape and some will only allow it if you have a US tax ID. Racist! Or something like that.

      As for auditioning, yes!!! You guys should definitely come out. We’ll be doing auditions shortly. I don’t know if it’ll interfere with Red Willy (btw, my friend Chelsea is in it too!) but I’ll keep you in the loop!

      Sent from my iPhone

  2. That’s too bad…I have a friend in publishing (Gayl Venoitte) who might be able to help – I’ll ask her some questions next time I see her!

    I wondered if Chelsea was involved in the Airdrie Theater since she’s from Airdrie! I’ll have to let her know of our mutual friend (small world eh?). If you’re not too busy you should come check us out in Red Willie!

    When are you guys auditioning for your next play? Which one have you chosen?

    Definitely keep me in the loop!

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