Who’s Side is Time On?

“There’s no time! There’s never any time!”
– Saved By the Bell

In the past month or so, I’ve had some big changes.

  •  I was elected President of a local theatre company – which I’m loving, but there’s a lot of work – especially since we’re rebranding!  Plus, we are putting on a show in September, and another one in November.
  • I was asked to put on some drama workshops at the theatre in Airdrie.  This is very exciting, but a lot of administrative stuff needs to happen, and that is time and brain consuming.
  • I’m sporadically babysitting – something I never though I would do again – especially after the horrific experiences I had when I was a teen, but I can’t turn down money.
  • I may have a second (or is this fourth by now?) job, which if all goes well, would mean I’d be right back on track before I did my mid-to-late-twenties crisis job switch.
  • I’m still plugging away at my novel.
  • I still want to find a production company that will want to produce my webisode series.  Anyone….anyone?
All told, it makes for a busy life, and sometimes I feel like Jessie Spano when she was studying and wanting to sing in the music festival.  But don’t worry folks, I won’t take speed, nor will I sing “I’m So Excited.”
All these things going on in my life are great.  I’m still happy I left my job back in May.  My new job is fantastic; I’ve never felt so appreciated, or enjoyed my job more.  I’ve wanted to be a part of a theatre company since school ended.  Wait a minute! This may have been part of my five year plan I wrote in 2007.
I’ll enjoy directing and seeing my work on stage.  I hope to act too, but I’ll wait for that.  (Side note, Superman Rides the Bus will be performed September.)  However, just because all these things are great, and exciting and I’ve never been happier, doesn’t mean the busy-ness is any less.  Things get triaged more, life gets pushed aside more, and I sleep less.  Maybe time is on Mick Jagger’s side (and definitely Keith Richard’s), but dangit if it doesn’t have it out for me.

Fridge Magnet, or Life Mantra?

For those of you who were wondering about my recent writing challenge, I’m not going to say I failed, but I didn’t get my word count.  In my defense, it wasn’t for lack of trying, rather, lack of time.  Last Change Power Drive will have to wait a while longer, but I guarantee it’ll be worth it.
Time’s a-wasting!


  1. During the whole Amy Winehouse debacle (point-stay off the speed) I read a quote “more proof that Keith Richards is a cyborg.”
    Time to get that iPhone implanted!

    Maybe we should start a ‘Melinda comes over and does your chores while forcing you to write, and inspiring you with randomness…and sometimes liquor’ evening…
    Then you’ll write AND get something accomplished about the house, in half the time!

  2. Glad you’re happy <3. Nephew says "hi". But only if you're looking the other way, or driving a truck.

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