“Parades just bring out so many emotions in me… Joy, excitement, looking..”
-The Simpsons

Today was the Calgary Stampede Parade.  Since I had it off, I decided to attend.  Turns out the royals were there too, but more on that later.  I’ll let most of the pictures do the talking.

Before I moved out west, I bought a cowboy hat.  My reasoning?  Everyone in Calgary does.  Right?  Wrong.  Which explains the funny looks I got on the plane out here.  It comes as no surprise then, that this cowboy hat doesn’t get used much.  It’s been needed for 3 Stampedes, and 1 play.  It still hasn’t molded to my head either, which makes it less than comfortable.  You’ll notice that I’m a double poser.  1.  Wearing a cowboy hat when I’m obviously not a cowboy, and 2. Wearing aviators when I’m not a pilot.   But the two cancel each other out, so I’m still cool.  Right?

This was my view.  We settled at 9th and 2nd.  Right in front of a parkade.  It actually wasn’t a bad spot.  And we had no issues with vehicles save for one.  While still waiting for my friends to arrive, I heard a man say, “car . . . car. . . car.”  I just assumed he was seeing a really cool car.  Not knowing cool cars, I ignored him, until he pulled me aside.  The car (which I think was not one of the ‘cool’ ones) was waiting for us all to clear the road so he could exit the parkade.

And there’s Kate.  For reals…she’s that shadow in the back of the car.  Since there were a LOT of people there simply to see the royals, there were a lot of bitter people when it sped past, window half down.  Now, I know people out there like to bomb important people, but here in Canada, our weapon of choice is the pie.  I daresay something a bit more open could have been used.  People hate our aldermen a lot more, and they drove around carefree today.

And here’s our Mayor.  You know, I believe he’s a leftist; he never looked or waved to his right while he went past us.  But, he stayed on his horse, and that’s probably better than I could have done.

A Tribute to Our Fighting Men & Women



Air Force

It was very nice to see the Army receive the recognition it did – Everyone along the route stood and clapped/cheered for them. It warmed the cockles of my heart, but we didn’t do it for the Navy nor the Air Force.  Sure we clapped, but there weren’t much cheers, and we didn’t stand.  I wonder why that is?  Perhaps since it was further down in the parade route, people just moved on from their patriotism, or perhaps the Navy and Air Force just aren’t “promoted” as much.  Even though I may not say it, and have unsettled feelings about war in general, I am very proud of the people who fight on behalf of and for our country.

The North American house hippo is found throughout Canada and the Eastern United States.  House hippos are very timid creatures and they are rarely seen, but they will defend their territory if provoked.  They come out at night to search for food, water, and materials for their nests.  The favourite foods of the house hippo are chips, raisins and the crumbs from peanut butter on toast.  They build their nests in bedroom closets using lost mittens, dryer lint and bits of string.  The nests have to be very soft and warm; house hippos sleep about 16 hours a day.

Well maybe house hippos aren’t real, but don’t you want to take those horses home and snuggle with them?  “Just what I always wanted.  My own furry horsie.  I will name him George and I will hug him and pet him and squeeze him, and pat him and pet him and rub him and caress him..”

And that is another reason why the cowboy hat does not get used.  Hat head.  And a red line, which the hat head is covering.  Perhaps I’ve found a use for hat head.

Well the parade is over, the royals are gone, and Calgary can get back to normal right?  Only 10 more days of drunken revelries, PETA complaints, cowboy wannabes, and the worst of all . . . TOURISTS.

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1 Comment

  1. 1. You may wear the aviatiors for as long as you recognize that you are posing as a pilot, and give us the dues you do 🙂
    2. Air Force fans didn’t skip work to go to the parade. The few who had a weekday off cheered, but not as many as the army-fan slackers. (Obviously air biased)
    3. Let’s name the horsie anything but George 😛

    These are just my opinions 🙂
    That is a good pic of Kate though! You can recognize her in there!

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