At the Zoo

“Someone told me it’s all happening at the zoo.  I do believe it, I do believe it’s true.”
-Simon and Garfunkel.

Several years ago, a group of us set out on a trek.  We traveled to South America, Eurasia, and Africa all in one day.  We saw a wide variety of animals – peafowl, pigs, lions, tigers and bears – oh my, zebras, deer, bison.  Oh and an elephant with a huge wang.   It was a great day, and the group enjoyable.  We tended to hang out quite a bit in that summer.

Now that group, much like The Fellowship, has disbanded.  People have moved, gotten married, etc. Sunday, there was only two of us on our trek across the world.   Here’s what’s awesome about good friends:  You can see each other maybe once or twice a year, but when you do meet up, you just keep going.  There’s no “previously on”.  It’s just a continuation of where you left off.  Like you just put a bookmark in those months and have opened the book again to continue those character’s adventures.

I have several long distance friendships.  My friend Noley and I have been friends since my first year of college back in Ontario.  I’ve lived in Calgary longer than I was in K-W, and in the eight years I’ve lived here, we’ve only seen each other twice.  But we still have a really strong friendship.

Of course, being in the actual company of people is good, but a moving friend is not necessarily a death sentence for that relationship.

So happy trails Trevoures But the Ess is Silent.  Maybe next time I’m in TO we can go to the zoo there, even though they won’t have elephants.



8082/62,000 or 13%



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  1. I think that was the best summer of my life. And that was one of the best days in the best summer of my life. I get so nostalgic about it.

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