Number Eight

“The cat is above all things, a dramatist.”
-Margaret Benson

This is Rascal.  He was the first cat we ever had.  I took this picture when I was about 18 or 19; probably the best picture I’ve ever taken.  He would sit right in front of the door in the spring/summer and just yearn to go outside.  ‘Course when he did go outside, he would eat grass and wait to vomit it up until he was back inside.  Or, he’d get so pissy about coming back inside, you’d have to use oven mitts to grab him.

I had this picture as my desktop for a few months at the office when someone from another company we worked with noticed it.  “You like cats?” Turns out she was going to be spending more and more time in the field and felt bad farming her cat out to all her friends.  She wanted to find something more permanent; but because her cat was aged, it was difficult for her to find someone.  At this point Rascal was about 16 years old, and I knew enough about cats that they could live 16 more years, so I didn’t have a problem taking in a 16 or so year old cat.

And so came Meokoe, who I lovingingly call Mookie.

A single girl having a cat is one of the most common stereotypes there are, but I’m so glad for Meokoe.  Sure she’s loud when she talks to you – mostly when you’re trying to sleep, but she kept me warm in the cold winter months this past year, she’s another breathing body in a quiet house, and she doesn’t ever give bad advice.

And that’s why getting Meokoe is Number 8 in my Top Ten Best Moments at the Office.


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  1. You and Meokoe are reversing…she looks so skinny in that old pic!

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