New Directions

“Last is the breath of God: Only in a leap from the lion’s head shall he prove his worth.”
    -Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade

Today I took the biggest leap of faith in my almost 29 years of living.  Bigger than moving to Alberta to go to school.  Bigger than asking Jay Jordan out in Grade Eight.

I gave my notice today.

I’m working with a headhunter, but until she finds me something, I’ll be temping.  I’m looking forward to new opportunities and the diversity of temp work, but it’s a pay cut.

Remember? Money isn’t everything; so long as I can pay my bills, I’ll be good.

So no more being miserable.  I”m taking a stand, taking charge of my life.  No more bullies, nor more sinking to their level (because after 4 years, it’s hard to rise above.)

But to all of you at the office, and you know who you are: it was only because of you that I lasted so long, so I thank you for your friendship, your solidarity, your jokes, your everything.

Pilots: keep on going flying those crazy lines.

Sensor Ops: If you fly over me, I promise to smile.

AMEs: You’ve helped fix my car, my house, and me.  Those planes are lucky to have you.

Production: I’m glad I broke through the carpet/tile barrier.  It was always more enjoyable back in Tileland.

Starting Monday, I’ll be doing a Top Ten list of the best memories at the office.  Stay tuned.


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