We are the Kings and Queens of promise.
– 30 Seconds to Mars

The play has been postponed.  Despite the potential of being called overdramatic, I feel as though the blanket has been pulled under out from under my feet.  We were asked to be mindful of what we say and who we say it to so as not to step on toes.  I’m not gracious enough to silently nurse my toes so bullies can do whatever they want.


I don’t want to ruin things for the rest of us.  People have already done that.  I would like to save face in some way.

If I’m being honest, there is a silver lining in all this.  More talents within our little troupe can come forward as we wait for people to get their act together. (Get it, plays; acts?).  People who would normally act can direct, write.  People who would normally direct can act.

I’m excited about writing and knowing it will be performed.  I also think I’m going to be one of those writers who needs to take artistic control in the direction as well.  My work will not be haphazardly performed.  It will be performed well, or not at all.

Oh, look who’s the scary director lady.

Superman Rides the Bus was been my first attempt at a light, (hopefully) funny (even though my mom didn’t get it.  Sorry mom, guess I should get you DC comic books for your birthday next) 10 minute act.

There is more to come from this troupe you marginalized and pushed into a box you created, just you wait.  And you will rue the day you put Baby in a corner.


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