Meerkat & Zebra

David prevailed over the Philistine with just the sling and the stone.  He struck down the Philistine and killed him.  David did not even have a sword in his hand.
– I Samuel 17:50

Meerkat and Zebra were close as brothers.  Meerkat would make sure Zebra didn’t trip in any of Meerkat’s holes, and Zebra would lead Lion away from Meerkat’s home.  For many years, Meerkat and Zebra cared for each other and shared food and laughter.  One day, Meerkat heard Zebra crying.  He scurried along until he found Zebra.  He was stuck!  Meerkat knew it wasn’t any of his holes, but felt bad all the same.  Zebra tearfully asked Meerkat to help him out, and Meerkat obliged; Zebra was his friend after all!  When Zebra was free, he joyfully danced around, lifting up his legs in his delight, careful not to trample Meerkat.  Zebra thanked Meerkat over and over again, and promised to take extra care of Meerkat and his home.

A few years later, when food for Meerkat and Zebra was scarce, Lion approached Meerkat’s home.  Meerkat looked desperately for Zebra, but he was no where to be found.  Meerkat trembled inside his home until Lion left.  The next time Meerkat saw Zebra, Meerkat asked why Zebra didn’t lead Lion away like he used to.  Zebra replied that he needed food from Meerkat; that this was to be the new agreement.  Meerkat was taken aback; he didn’t have enough food for him or his family, not to mention a huge Zebra!  Meerkat tried to explain this to Zebra, but Zebra wouldn’t budge.  Give me food, he said, or I will let Lion come and destroy your home and your family.

Meerkat was devastated.  He spoke to his family, and they agreed to move to a different home, far away from where Lion was.  Meerkat and his family left, but Meerkat promised to himself, he would gather more Meerkats and they would all return, to stand up to Lion.  One day, Zebra went to Meerkat’s home to get food, and discovered Meerkat was gone.  He called and called and called for Meerkat, but only Lion heard.  Zebra was so hungry; he hadn’t been looking for food for himself, he couldn’t run as fast, and Lion caught him.  And ate him.

Meerkat didn’t hear anything about this; he was busy raising his army of Meerkats and training them to defeat Lion once and for all.


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