Gone Before Their Time

“Only the good die young.”
-Billy Joel

There is a disturbing trend in Hollywood regarding beloved TV shows.  No, it isn’t tiger blood or warlock Vatican killers or any other Charlie Sheen reference (though how much egg would be on our face if he was pulling a Joaquin Phoenix?).  No, what I’m talking about is Early Cancellation. [Insert woman’s terrified scream here.]

Here is a list of shows I feel were cancelled much too soon, in no particular order:

Freaks & Geeks

This is the show that was the inspiration for this post.  Two and a half episodes in, and my heart belongs to Sam, Neal, Bill, Lindsay, Daniel, Nick, Ken and even Millie.  Who am I kidding?  It took two and a half minutes.  Even though I knew our time together would be short, it was worth the investment to see Lance Sweets as a tiny little cute-as-a-button geek.

Jack & Bobby

This was probably the smartest shows I’ve ever seen on the WB.  Christine Lahti played Grace McCallister, a woman I loved to hate.  One of her two sons would grow up to become President of the United States from 2041-2049, and it’s not the one you’d expect.  I fell in love with Jack, cheered for Bobby and mourned the loss of this fantastic show.  Oh yah: Bradley Cooper.

Veronica Mars

My only consolation is that we got two great seasons and one OK season.  But Mac found love, Veronica got to taze people, then make snarky comments and Logan got to brood.  But what happens after the election?  Does Wallace go to Africa?  How does Veronica do at her FBI internship?   That season 4 teaser did nothing to satisfy me.  Bring back our favourite diminutive persnickety hero!


Reavers, Chinese swears and Mal Reynolds.  That alone should have been enough to keep the show going on for more than 14 episodes.  It’s a space western people!  Did it inspire Cowboys vs. Aliens?  Sure, Serenity filled some of the void left in my heart, even if it did have too many deaths of people I had grown to love, but I would gladly give it up for more episodes.  Fox TV really is like a reaver.  Destroying whatever they touch so that what, if anything, is left is a stark raving mad shell of what used to be.

My So-Called Life

Teen angst at its finest.  Who would you choose: Jordan Catalono or Brian Krakow?  I still don’t know who I would choose, and I will never know who Angela would eventually choose.


Even though it was rife with historical inaccuracies (and boobs and gore), Titus Pullo and Lucius Vorenus are my heroes.  It ended well enough for the city of Rome: Augustus would reign for a bajillion years – and he didn’t do a half-bad job – but what about Vorenus?  Did he live, did he die?  And how does Cesarian Pullo deal with living on the Aventine after the gilded palaces of Egypt?


I loved the first season of this show, but when I knew the second season was going to be the last, couldn’t bring myself to watch it.  But Skeet Ulrich was good in it – even if he couldn’t see who was right in front of him and kept going back to stupid Emily.


The brooding vampire with a soul moves to LA, gets his own show and his own scooby gang.  We laughed, we cried and we held our collective breath when he faced the end of the world, and we’re still holding it!


Did anyone other than me watch this?  Ryan Murphy, of Glee fame, created this when I was still in high school.  Brooke and Same became more civil with each other, Harrison survives cancer and has to choose between the popular girl and the best friend.  But what the heck happens to Brooke?  Does she die?  Is she horribly disfigured therefore no longer popular….what?

But remember that episode when everyone thought April Tuna died?


How many of us even got a chance to watch this?  Fox (the reavers, remember) cancelled this show after TWO episodes.  Two!  Critically acclaimed, yes.  Huge viewer stats, no.  But how can anything be sure after only two episodes?  Shame on you Fox!  Perhaps instead of courting Seth McFarlane’s so-called genius, you should have a bit more faith in what we, the viewers will tune in to.  (Doesn’t mean my hidden shame isn’t that I find SF attractive.)

Arrested Development

I only caught one or two episodes but I count among my friends those who tuned in to the Bluth’s lives every week.  Sound off: does the upcoming move make up for the Early Cancellation?


There’s got to be more out there.  Tell me your cancelled TV woes, let us commiserate together.



  1. My all-time favourite would be Pushing Daisies. I love it! And they had to end it all in a rush and there was so much laft to resolve! Everything about it was sweet and it had a such a whimsical look to it. I loved the clothes in it too.

  2. John Doe on fox was one of my ALL TIME favourite shows! It played right before Firefly on fox (the best 2 hours of television EVER). The end of season one had one of the most AMAZING cliff hanger endings that I have ever seen! I could hardly wait for it to come back. To my absolute HORROR, it was cancelled 😦 And what makes it even worse, it was never brought to DVD cause it was right around the time when TV Series were starting to go to DVD. Apparently it didn’t make the cut. FOX Network, you broke my heart TWICE in one year! 😦

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