“The highway’s jammed with broken heroes on a last chance power drive.”
-Bruce Springsteen

A few years ago, I bought one of The Boss’ Best Of albums.  One song in particular stood out to me:  Born to Run.  Granted, this song is about a guy singing to a girl Wendy, and I am not a guy and have no special feelings about a girl named Wendy, and I don’t want her to wrap her legs ’round my engines, but all the same, I really relate to the narrator of the song.  The line about a last chance power drive speaks volumes, partially because of the actual words, but also because Bruce does a key change just before singing it, and this girl loves her some key changes in the midst of a song.  That one line has generated an idea for a novel.  Look for that one soon.  But it also awakened something else in me.  I have a deep, deep yearning to visit Wales.  My grandmother’s family is from there, and there’s something about the history (King Arthur), the culture and the landscape that calls me.  My creative side, I’m sure comes directly from my Celtic heritage, and I fully embrace that.  I’ve always wanted to learn Welsh.  And I’m a firm believer the only true Britons left are those in Wales.  There’s a slight chance I’m over-romanticizing things, but it is a waking (and sleeping) dream for me to go.  Perhaps for a few weeks, perhaps forever.

Any single Welshmen out there who read my blog….take notice!



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