Tale as Old as Time

Once upon a time, there was a Princess. She watched as Snow White, Cinderella and Aurora (who everyone called Sleeping Beauty overcame their trials and lived happily ever after with their Prince. This Princess didn’t have an evil stepmother, or evil stepsisters or narcolepsy. She was a regular Princess who lived in a regular castle in a regular kingdom.

One day, a Prince knocked on her door. She lowered the drawbridge and allowed him to woo her. One day she disagreed with him and he narrowed his eyes and began thinking. He never came to her castle again.

For two years, the Princess waited in her castle for someone to knock on her door, but it seemed all the princes had disappeared.

Finally, a new Prince knocked on her door. At first the Princess was hesitant; he wasn’t really her type and he hadn’t been a Prince very long, but since every Princess needs a Prince she allowed him to woo her. Even though the Prince wasn’t her type, the Princess had fun with him; he was fun and very kind. One day, the Prince asked her if she would meet the King and Queen. It turned out, he wasn’t their true son, he was one of their subjects who had been chosen as a youth to be brought up into royalty. The Princess agreed but thought the King and Queen were far too involved in the Prince’s life. When she arrived at the castle, the Queen took the Princess aside and told her she was proud of the Prince for going to the Princess’ kingdom since the Princess was clearly not like Snow White or Cinderella. The Princess was rankled: after all, she was a true Princess, not just some yeoman being manipulated by her Queen.

After returning to her own kingdom, the Princess didn’t hear from the Prince for a couple of days. Then the Prince told her he didn’t think the High King didn’t want them to be together, and stopped coming to the castle.

And so the Princess is alone in her castle again but she refuses to mope like Cinderella did, or live with seven men in a house of debauchery like Snow White or appeal to the necrophilia crowd like Sleeping Beauty . . . and Snow White. Instead she dazzles her subjects with her wit and kindness and grace and modesty, always waiting for her true Prince.


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  1. I love this! Still open to a fairy tale ending too 🙂

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