Ode to Soup

Yesterday, I set out to Safeway on a mission.  I was going to make soup.  Armed with my gift card, I selected chicken and vegetable stock, canned potatoes and baby corn, carrots, and cauliflower, as well as steak stir fry bits.  I put them all together as well as some celery I had in my fridge.  It smelled wonderful, but the ultimate test was lunch today.  For the tasting.  It.  Was.  Delicious.  The best soup I’ve made.  I was proud of myself and excited for the at least two weeks of lunches I had in my fridge.

Cut to this evening:  Before going to bed, I put my lunch together for the next day.  I scooped some soup in a Tupperware container, put the lid on the master soup and headed to my fridge.  Then, calamity struck.  The bowl separated from the lid.  My lovely, tasty, divine soup splattered all over the floor.  Vegetables went rolling, liquid seeped everywhere.  Now, I know you’re not supposed to cry over spilt milk, but damned if I didn’t cry over my spilt soup.  Two weeks of lunches;  $30 of groceries lay at my feet, mocking me.

And you know, it wouldn’t be so bad, except in the past weeks, all my good fortune seems to be closely followed by crap.  I get a commercial, I’m excited for extra funds in my bank account: maybe pay off some loans quicker, which means I can leave my crappy job sooner.  And then I get news from the CRA about my tax return.  Turns out the interest I paid on my student line of credit isn’t the same as interest paid on a student loan.  Even though the Alberta government wouldn’t give me a loan for school because I wasn’t a resident.  Even though OSAP (evil incarnate) wouldn’t give me a lot because to them, mom and pops earned enough to send me and my brother to college.  FYI: they didn’t.  Suddenly, instead of paying off old debts, I have a new one.

So thanks Universe.  For the soup, for the CRA, for nothing.

But also, SCREW YOU UNIVERSE! I’m going back to Safeway and making more soup.  I’m taking on the CRA.  And if you keep messing with me, I’m going to take you on.

Yah, you’d better be scared.


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  1. Awe man, that SUCKS! Sorry it happened to you, I hope the second batch is even better than the first, if that’s even possible cause that sounded like an amazing soup!

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