Out with the Old

“Dance like it’s the last night of your life” – Usher

2011.  A fresh year, open to possibilities.  People are reflective of 2010, and making plans for the next 12 months.  I’ve never done well with resolutions, so I’ve stopped making them.  That doesn’t mean that I don’t have plans for my next year.  I hope to publish The Nephilim Threat in summer.  Stay tuned for that.  I hope to have my webisode series in final draft by summer.  I’m working on a couple new pieces – novels.  In April, I’ll be writing a script for Script Frenzy.  I hope to audition for ALTP again in January.

The end of 2010 marked the end of a decade.  In this last decade, I graduated from high school and college.  I moved across the country.  I’ve seen 4 of my works performed.  I’ve been in the paper.  I’ve had to say good bye to my uncle and my grandma.  I became a sister-in-law and an auntie.  I filmed a commercial.  I’ve travelled – not far, not extensively, but I’ve travelled.  I may not have done everything so far that I’ve wanted to, but as my magnet says, “Her five-year plan has an extended warranty.”

Last night was the best New Years Eve celebration I had been a part of.  Granted, it’s not hard to beat last years, when I was puking up 2 year old mayonnaise.  After being disappointed by a no-show DJ at a downtown pub, someone’s connections got us into a brand new club.  For free.  Good times may have been had by all.  I hope everyone enjoyed their celebrations – whatever it was.

I also tried scotch for the first time.  It tasted like a 90 year old man barfed in my mouth.  I judge all scotch drinkers now.  You’re all gross.

Oh, and I’ve uncovered a disturbing fact.  My cat…is a burp and blow-er.




  1. Oh Kim, I LOVE your blog!!! You have a way of writing things so I can COMPLETELY get what you’re saying!

  2. I am deeply unnerved that your cat burps or blows. I am washing my eyes out. bwaa haa haa haa!!!

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