Hi gang,

Some of you may have already read the short story I posted a few hours ago.  Thanks!  I’ve since published it to the Kindle – trying to get my feet wet in the wild and crazy world of epublishing.  For those who (or is it “whom”; where’s Ross Gellar when you need him!) I know and love (which is probably all who read this blog), send me an email or a facebook message and I will provide you with the password to read it.  For all others, you can purchase it on Amazon in 24 hours or so for the low, low price of 99 cents.



  1. Fascinating. Do you have a link to it on amazon? I’m curious, how did you get your work on the kindle?

    • Hi there, I don’t have a link yet – it’s currently being published, which I take to mean it’s been approved (format-wise, and I’m sure Amazon is still wiping egg off their face after the Pedophile book debacle a few weeks ago), and in 24 hours or less, it will be available to be purchased. I would be more than happy to update you when it is available.

      As for putting it on Kindle, I’m still a newb about the whole process, but click here, and follow the steps. It’s very user friendly and encouraging. It sounds like this is something that would help you when you’re finished your novel. I took a look at your blog – it’s very good!

      All the best; I’d be glad to swap war stories with you.

      • Thanks anotherpiece of pie!

        I’ll look into this a bit more. Let us know how it ends up working out for you!

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