My Name is Kilroy

I have an audition tomorrow!  It’s all very exciting.  The casting folks are looking for unique talents – no professional acts, nothing with animals – more of a gong show type deal.  When I read it, I figured there had to be some unique talent I could do.  I reached out to my friend.  Her response?  Great at belching.  Yup, I’m a classy lady.  Back to the drawing board I went.  Then I remembered Hallowe’en, and my costume.

Oh heavens!  That’s frighteningly unique.

But anyone can dress up and make a scary face, right?  I had to do something with it.  And then I thought of it.  I am very bad at doing The Robot.  So I emailed the casting people, sent them this picture, told them what I could (or couldn’t) do, and they responded, saying they wanted me to audition.

Minus the costume, but we can’t win them all.

So tomorrow, at 4:50, I will be dancing to Styx’ Mr. Roboto.  Badly.


Also what’s scarier?  Zombies, or Reavers?




  1. You are going to TEAR IT UP!! I am very proud of you!!

  2. Your going to be great!!! I can not wait to hear all about the audition, break a leg!!

  3. Oh Kimmy, you make me wanna pee my pants! lol Your audition will be hilarious…I wanna be a fly on that wall tomorrow at 4:50pm! Good Luck 🙂

  4. Reavers FTW!
    Break a leg! After your last show… how could they not LOVE YOU!

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