Missed Connections

Thanks to my sister-in-law, I have been perusing Missed Connections on Kijiji.  Seriously, it’s great.   This one is my all-time favorite (well, so far):

“At first glance, I knew you were the girl of my dreams. You and I were  destined to be together, and at that precise moment, I thought I have seen an angel in my dreams. My heart was throbbing relentlessly as I tried to control it, my hands started to sweat and my vision started to turn pink. The angels in heaven would envy us if we’re together and nothing can dissever our bond for each other as long as we live. For the moon never beams without bringing me dreams of me and you. If you are reading this now, I hope you remember me as I watched you from faraway and hope that you feel special for who you are and that you should never feel lonely.
I was at Chinook center yesterday at around 6pm when I saw you. You had black hair with the prettiest eyes in the world, and was wearing a blue shirt holding couple of bags. Also you were with a couple of other girls probably shopping for clothes. If you are single, I would like to meet you at starbucks or somewhere my love.

Nothing like scaring a girl off like saying you love them on the first date.  Or before it!

But, because I’m a good sport, here’s mine:

“I’ve been watching you for over a year and a half.  You act like a high schooler, but I know you’re more mature than that.  Every time you open your mouth, my heart swells a little bit.  I know they say bad boys can’t be tamed, so I wouldn’t even try, because frankly, it’s your badness that makes me love you.  That’s right, I said ‘love’.  If you can see me watching you, please give me a sign.”

Extra points for those who guess who it is!



  1. Interesting…now I want to know who it is 🙂

  2. Hi,

    Really There are more descriptions about missed connection . I like This Blog.


    • You know, I make fun, but I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t be slightly pleased if someone made a missed connection about me. When there’s something unrequited in your life, it ain’t fun. Well, I guess if it’s an unrequited murder, that’s alright. No one likes a requited murder.

      Thanks for reading!

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