A Not So Subtle Glance

“What are you looking at butthead?” – Back to the Future

First things first: I have completed NaNoWriMo!  I’m sitting at 50,327 words, and my novel is still going strong.  Thanks for all the support!  Next up we have Script Frenzy: 100 pages of script (or scripts) in the month of April.

Today, Janelle and I were going to go bridesmaid dress shopping.  Well, I was going bridesmaid dress shopping, she was coming for moral support.  Imagine my chagrin on this, the day of my NaNo triumph when I get to the shop and it’s closed.  Who closes on a Tuesday??

Not to be deterred, we decided to have supper at Boccavino Lounge & Grill.  In the midst of our delicious supper, Janelle says, “Now there is a pretty man.”  Of course, I wanted to see a pretty man, so I look.  And look.  And look. At which point, he catches me looking, and yet, I still didn’t stop looking.  I need to point out, I didn’t think he was that pretty.  So the fact that I didn’t look away had nothing to do with me being taken aback by his beauty.  **Wait, do men have beauty?  Is that manly enough?** Back to the story.  Me not looking away had everything to do with the fact I’m lazy.  I was too lazy to stop looking.  I wonder how many guys I’ve caught looking at me was only because they were too lazy to look away.  Ha!  Like I’ve caught guys looking at me.  I kid.

But my evening wasn’t over with that somewhat awkward moment.  As we were getting into our respective vehicles, I somehow smashed my face into the frame of my car.  Glasses went askew and hair got caught.  An aside: while walking down the stairs in my high school between classes, I missed the last step.  This could have been deadly. Falling down mid-throng?  I might have been trampled and killed.  Somehow, I stumbled smoothly down to one knee, then in one awesome movement, stood right back up, not missing a step.  And only one person noticed, but instead of making fun of me, she was in awe of my grace.  So of course, when my glasses were askew and attached to my hair, I just ripped it out, put my glasses on properly and shut my car door.  It wasn’t until I got home that I realized I had a sizeable  chunk of hair dangling from the right arm of my glasses.

I’ve just created hairy glasses chic.


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  1. I think I peed a little reading that!! HAHA!

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