The Best Part of Waking Up

“Because right now, this is a job.  If I advance any higher, this would be my career.  And if this were my career, I’d have to throw myself in front of a train.”  – The Office

I complain about my job.  A lot.  My supervisor is mean, people hold grudges for far too long and they call me when I’m on vacation, among other things.  But today I was reminded there is at least one thing that helps brighten a dreary day:

Cute and friendly tradesmen.  Guys, you may think your job sucks too, or you may love it, but I guarantee there’s at least one receptionist out there who enjoys having a leaky sink or ballasts in need of repair.  You’re their link to the outside world – so talk to them, tell them a joke, bring them flowers . . . er, maybe no flowers.  But always remember, you guys rock!

And if nothing else, you’ve provided this girl with enough knowledge to create a hunky electrician in an upcoming novel.

Sláinte mhaith!


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  1. ha ha ha ha…you said ballast. Pervert!

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