Fast Times at Brock High

“You know? I bet in high school, everybody made somebody’s life hell.” – Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion

I hated high school.  I don’t have any romantic memories about it that some people seem to have.  It was five years of my life, and I’ve moved on.  But last night, I had a dream I was back in Cannington for whatever reason (actually a lot of my dreams take place there), and an old classmate (though I didn’t recognize them) said I seemed different,  more confident since high school, and he wanted to know why.  My response was that I was now awesome.

How many of us are the same people we were in high school?  I’m certainly glad I moved on from that stage of my life.  Think of how much I’d miss out on if I still spent all my time in the library, afraid to walk through the halls of life because I might get noticed!

So what if it wasn’t great?  And so what if I’m not in contact with my old classmates?  It was only five years.  Compared to the scope of my life, it’s a mere blip on the radar.

So yes, Brock High School graduating class of 2001, I am awesome, and a far cry from the person you ignored, threw pennies at, and made fun of.   But I did have friends there, and even though we may not talk anymore, thanks for putting up with this work in progress who didn’t like to leave the library at lunch, and who wasn’t allowed to go to any dances.


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