But Wait, There’s More!

“Oh TiVo remote, you have a season pass to our hearts.  Today, I discovered Lost, watched all of Rome in a day, and watched Two and A Half Men in two and a half minutes.” – The Simpsons

I recently savvy-shopped my way to a free-for-a-year PVR.  It’s been nice – not only because I’ve found myself the busiest I’ve ever been so I can tape all the shows for a later times, but now I can skip past all the annoying commercials that practically turn me into a raving She-Hulk:

There’s the old Swiffer commercial which depicted a woman testifying about marks being left behind in her house, blah, blah, blah.  In the “climax” of the ad, the witness is asked to point at the defendant, so of course, she points at the defendant.  Everyone gasps.  Well, duh!  Anyone can point at the defendant – doesn’t make the person guilty.  The prosecutor should have said something like, “Is the person you saw here in this courtroom?”  I really should be a consultant the ad people.

And then there’s every other commercial that portrays men as stupid and spineless and the women as just people who put up with them.  I get it.  Women can work and vote and junk.  Move.  The.  Crap.  On!  Not every man is a blubbering idiot, and not every woman knows the deal every time.  Why do the admen – er. . . people believe we want to see advertisements that essentially cut men’s balls off?  I didn’t realize femi-nazis were such a large consumerist base.

And now, because I’m obviously a well-balanced individual, here’s some of the better commercials I’ve seen:





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