Pooping the Drunk

“I’ve got to go; they’ll think I’m pooping.” – Glee

The other day, I was feeling ill, probably because of some sushi (which really is too bad, because it was delicious), but came to work anyway. We had been having problems with our copier and I needed to be at the office for the tech.  I told my “supervisor” I was going to go home when he was finished.  She proceeded to tell me she was sick as well, and perhaps I had the same symptoms?

I didn’t.

She kept on going, regaling me with stories of diarrhea.

Everybody poops.  I get it.  But until you’re in my fold, we don’t have poop conversations.

That being said, the poop talk is the measure of a true friend.  Whether it’s me telling someone, “I can’t have a burrito because it’ll make me poop”, or someone telling me of that time they had a crapload (pun intended) of vitamin C, and well . . . you know; once you’ve had those talks, the friendship is solid (again, pun intended).

My bestie and I sometimes check to see if we’re simultaneously pooping.  I don’t know who started it, but we think it’s hilarious.  We also think the line in The House Bunny is funny: “Do you guys know where the crapper is? I have to drop some timber.”

But here’s an odd quirk I have.  When, or rather if I get married, I’m going to need two bathrooms.  Either a his and hers, or a #1 and #2.

I also don’t change diapers.


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  1. SWEET! I’m in the circle! But her? Ew….ew. My sisters and I totally talk about it at random too.

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