The Stare-Down

There it was.  Staring at me.  That pair of jeans that didn’t fit quite right that last time.  But I loved them.  And I was determined to make them love me.  So, I took that leap.  I picked them up, and put them on.  Did the button and the zipper.  Then I exhaled.  The button didn’t pop out, the zipper didn’t go down.  They fit.  I defeated The Jeans.  I started the day well.

I’m waiting on an exercise ball from Amazon.  It’s still in New Jersey, or so the tracking says.  Fingers crossed for a Thursday delivery.  Can’t wait to feel the ab burn.  I’ve been doing regular old sit-ups and leg lift things – that’s the technical term – but I want to push the limit a little bit.  The ball? Burst-free.  I’m still a little nervous.  Ever since the debacle I’ve been . . . wary.  Oh, and as an FYI: yoga mats are a good thing to cushion yourself if you have zero carpeting.  But, word to the wise, if you have a vomit-prone cat, just folding the mat up so it looks “tidier”, will not save it from cat-puke.

Hockey game last night.  Restaurant level, so we had to climb a ridiculous amount of stairs.  Bad news: it felt like if I lean back an iota while climbing, I would have fallen to a fat-splattered death.  Good news: I wasn’t as winded as I was the last time.  Don’t get me wrong, I was winded, just not as much.  I climbed that Everest.  Better new: Flames won.

I’m in a play.  Murder mystery type.  There’s a line my “husband” says, and I paraphrase: “that didn’t stop you from eating a huge amount of cake last night.  Seriously guys, it was so big, African children could have eaten a month on that.”  It’s meant to be comedic.  And it is.  But guys, in real life, I look like I DID keep African children from eating for a month.  So, it’s biting comedy.  And the insecure part of me is worried people will laugh, and say, “it’s funny because it’s true.”  But, then the secure part of me, elbows past insecure person and says, “It’s the role.  Deal with it.”  And so I shall.   But just to clarify – I don’t like cake enough that I would eat a piece big enough to feed African children for a month.  Especially black forest gateau.


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